Small Update on Life

As could be expected from me these days, life is hectic. I was acutally in the Bay Area this weekend and went out to SF with two of my friends from work to a couple of house/down tempo lounges. Ended up getting home at 4:30AM after getting some post last call food and an hour drive back to Sunnyvale. Saturday was a relaxed day and I caught The Terminal (good film) in the evening. I had dinner with Eric today at a average Mexican resturant in Palo Alto (can’t remember it’s name). Work is insane (as is becoming the norm), but it looks like it may calm down in September sometime. I don’t mind it, since we’re doing some amazing things and it’s all quite exciting. I’m still looking for a place to live in SF (SOMA, Mission or Potrero neighbourhoods) and Ami is moving up next next weekend. That’s the haps.