Update on my Job

Seven months in one job, now on to the next. I’ve moved in to a new job at Hotmail. I had previously been working in the “Feature” team at Hotmail doing all sorts of work such as running our content system, managing our customer service accountability and as well some of the more techical features. I’ve now changed rolls in to a new “Infrastructure” team, where I’ll be working on building the future platform for the Hotmail front end, doing a lot more techie type of work. I’m not sure who I’ll be working for (although I have a running theory…) but I know the job will be a transition. I quite enjoyed working on user facing parts of Hotmail (that’s why I joined in the first place) so this is a change away from that. Let’s see how it goes, I’m excited to see change.

Work has been keeping my busy as well. I’ve got assigned to run one of our releases from the PM world, basically meaning there’s lots of coordination between all the parties (e.g. our dev team, ops teams, release engineering and QA teams). It’s become quite stressful since it involves being the go between and the arbitrator between all those folks. I’ve been working 10-14 hours days and I don’t see it letting up much soon.