Me & My Work Email

I’ve been working here at Hotmail for about 7 months or so. Over the last month or so I’m finding myself having trouble keeping my mailbox under the server side quota (200 megs). I seem to bump against the quota every 2 or 3 weeks, so I have to archive my mail on a regular basis these days. Yuck. My total mail size for my time here is around 700 megs (500 megs in my archive and 200 on the server), so it looks like I’m doing something like 100 megs of mail a month. Yesterday I recieved 202 messages (not all directly at me, but from the lists I’m on and direct, etc) and I sent around 60 messages. So, to help solve my problem I’m trying Lookout to search and index my archive and server folders in to one comprehensive search box. If this little trial experiment works for me, I think I’ll switch to the two folder world: my inbox and my ‘done’ folder and get out of the managing all my various project and release folders.