Exhausing and Fun Weekend

Dan, one of my old roommates from San Diego, came up to the Yay Area to visit. The weekend started out when Dan arrived late Friday night and we made our way to the neighbourhood pub, the Duke of Edinburg, which was relativly uneventful. We went over to Santana Row and went to the bar/resturant Straits, after which we went to Blowfish. Straits was so-so, but Blowfish was cool. We met one of the bartender/waitress ladies and had a drink with her. After that we headed up to V-Bar and ran in to one of my classmates from CogSci in UCSD and hung out with her friends for a while.

Saturday was spent in SF. We first hit up Fisherman’s Wharf, then went over to Chinatown. In Chinatown we ducked in to one of the off the main street bakery’s and had a couple of custard tarts while watching a bunch of old Chinese men playing the video lotto. It was totally amazing, being there, it felt like a different world. I was totally unable to communicate with the cashier, the only language being the value exchange of money for product. Awesome, I love the city. After Chinatown, we went over to Haight and browsed through the vareity of thrift stores and Amoeba music. I picked up three CDs: Princesses Nubian by Les Nubians (French jazz/R&B fusion), A Los Cubanos (Spanish rap) by Orishas, Buena Vista Social Club Presents Ibrahim Ferrer by Ibrahim Ferrer (Cuban soul). We had dinner at this place called Crepe Express that was run by a French guy, who (of course) Dan had a grand old time speaking to in French as well as discussing our music selection (he owned all the albums I had bought). After Haight, we went over to North Beach, and hit up San Francisco Brewing Company, Vesvio and ended the night at Sake Lab, which is a new ‘hip’ bar/lounge where I had best sake I’ve ever tasted.

Sunday was watching the Lakers game (who won in over time), visiting and hanging out in Santa Cruz, watching the movie Punisher and dropping Dan off at the airport. All in all, it was a great, incredibly exhausting weekend with far too much partying.