The Pledge of Whatever

Another interesting news story is the 9th Circuit’s decision that “under god” in the pledge is unconstitutional. The supreme court is currently hearing arguments over the case. Under Eisenhower’s administration in the 1960s, the “under god” was added by Congress in what is generally held to be a religious victory at the time. The current case is interesting as it was brought up by Michael Newdow on behalf of his daughter that stating “under god” couldn’t apply to them since they’re atheists. The interesting side note is Newdow is not the legal guardian of his daughter. Apparently when divorced from his then wife, custody went to the mother. Thankfully, the Supreme Court didn’t hold the technicality against him that he can’t sue on behalf of a child he’s not the guardian of. In any case, the 9th declared in favor of Newdow and the case has caused a wonderful fervor ever since. Even more interestingly, Newdow (who is a lawyer) argued the case himself in the high court, going so far as to ask Scalia to recuse himself. The case is said to have a decision by the summer. I’m hoping for the Supreme Court to uphold the 9th’s decision.