My Issues with Developing for dasBlog

I realize that some of these following issues are not specifically dasBlog related, but they’re my gripes with developing for dasBlog.

First, GotDotNet. GotDotNet is horrible. The site is pathetically slow. I have never been able to get the GDN source control plug in to work for Visual Studio. The WinForms source code control app is also just as pathetic. I hate exclusive check-outs. CVS rocks its socks. SourceForge would be worth it just for that. Also, the message boards are retarted. I hate message boards. Mailing lists are better.

As for the dasBlog community, the folks on the message boards seem to be pretty unresponsive. I can’t seem to get a response out of people. I’ve been trying to get some buy-off on my design for the multi-user dasBlog prototype, but I can’t seem to get anybody to comment on it. I have check-in access to the source tree, but I don’t want to check in a major delta without somebody saying “yah, that looks good” since it isn’t my project. I’ve worked on an open source project before (DotGNU), where the mailing lists were (and still are) very active and full of fantastic discussion.

My last complaint is the dasBlog project is far far too large. It has 23 projects in the solution. In order to get an incremental change to build in an acceptably quick way, I’ve disabled building of half the random importers and test harnesses that in there.