An Interesting St. Patty’s Day

There’s a British pub up the street from me, The Duke of Edinburg, so I thought I’d try and oppress the holiday by visiting a watering hole of the Irish oppressor. Turns out it didn’t matter to the pub-goers, who were all standing around listening to Irish music and jigging. Fine, no problem. I mean, the irony of it all was beyond me, but hey, I guess the British know how to have a good time?

In any case, Jason and I were having a beer at the bar just chilling when this girl sits down in the bar stool next to me and starts talking to us. She introduced us to a couple of her friends including her boyfriend, all of whom were very chill people and seemed pretty cool. They told us that after the Duke they were heading over to Katie Bloom’s in Cambell and invited us to join them. Seeing that we had nothing better to do and the opportunity to head to a real Irish pub on St. Patrick’s day sounded appealing, we decided why not. Mind you, stuff like this never happens in my life. Hell, I thougth stuff like this doesn’t happen in any place but the movies. In any case, we followed Alex (the girl) and Jarrod (her boyfriend) down to Katie Bloom’s and met some more of their friends (including Jarrod’s sister, who’s 21st birthday it was) and had a classic good time. Turned out to be quite a fun night, espically considering Jason and I just went out have a drink and come home. Who knew!