Q&A Barbera Boxer Talk

I took notes of the QA session at the end of the talk, so I cleaned them up and here they are:

  • No child left behind — a fairytale, it’s a story of deception. Barbara wrote the after school part of the act, which was a great advance. With the funding levels set out it was a good act. The story is Bush refused to fund the bill. 9 Billion dollars short on funding the bill. Testing was a part of the bill because if they didn’t pass there would be immediate help, such as 1:1 help, mentoring. Without funding no child left behind is a phony deal, Bush didn’t show up to fund it.
  • Expensive Broadband in bay Area — packaging of broadband and cable is something being looked at. Deregulation was supposed to be about choose and more competition. In the midst of pursuing how to fix the monopoly
  • where does partnership end and back scratching being (Cheney versus Halliburton) — “well that’s corruption”
  • usa patriot opinion — parts important: changing laws to follow individual, not the phone, for ex; bad part: allows gov’t to go finishing without a court order. Boxer wrote part to repeal that and fight Ashcroft to make patriot II. The original patriot act from Ashcroft was “1000x” worse
  • Halftime show — saw it, with 9 children under the age of 5. not to take it too far to get into censorship but apply common sense. FCC has enough tools (fining of network laws) to do their job, leave it at that
  • gay marriage — “well, that’s a threat to civilization” (w/ sarcasm). to say that marriage is failing because gays are living next doors is ridiculous
  • immigration reform — doesn’t like bush’s bill, feels in the end it will make things worse/cause worker exploitation. Offered to help question asker, directly, with his problem (!!)
  • software job outsourcing — maybe need to give employers incentives and kudos on keeping jobs in the country.  Wants a label on the annual report that this company does/doesn’t proactive outsourcing (e.g. like tuna labeling)
  • Closing marks — don’t be afraid of the power, grab it. it’s a country by and for the people, be responsible for it and get involved