New Music

Several new CDs added to the collection yesterday:

  1. Moondance by Van Morrison — I think I bought this album solely for the eponymous title track. Turns out the entire CD is great bluesy folk Van Morrison. Makes me contemplate buying some more CDs from this era.
  2. In the Mode by Roni Size & Reprazent — I first heard this album my second year of college when my then roommate Ryan Taylor let me borrow a burned version of it. It’s the quintessential drum and bass mix with hip-hop. Guest MC’s on it include Method Man, Zach de la Rocha (from Rage) and Razell.
  3. Un Poquito Quema’o by Sergent Garcia — found this one by browsing Amazon’s “You Might Like” after buying Buena Vista Social Club. Turns out Amazon was right (yet again). It’s a Cuban/Latin/Salsa jazz album from a group out of Paris. If you enjoy Ozomatli‘s debut album, you’ll enjoy this one. I’ll need to pick up some P18, Orishas and Manu Chao albums now to fill out this area in my musicsphere.