Crazy Indians & Dave Winer Talk

Indians are crazy: “Hindu nationalists who claim they are fighting against Western cultural influence have threatened to shave young lovers’ heads and beat them if they exchange Valentine’s Day cards and gifts. “

Windows source code leaked: “The leaked code includes 30,915 files and was apparently removed from a Linux computer used by Mainsoft for development purposes. Dated July 25, 2000, the source code represents Windows 2000 Service Pack 1.”

I got to see Dave Winer speak at in Redmond this previous Monday. It was more of a discussion or forum than it was a talk. Dave spoke perhaps for 15 minutes on the pervasivness of blogging and the effect it had on the Dean campaign and then opened the floor up to dicsussion and questions regarding blogging. I should probably mention that Dave is the creator of RSS, a co-creator of SOAP and Userland. Some interesting things that came up were an unnecessarly long and annoying dicussion comparing blogging to SharePoint (what’d you expect at a Microsoft event?), an interesting perspective on how blogs will compliment main stream media, and I think the best definition of blogging I’ve heard yet: blogs are the unedited voice of the author.