Best Part of Yesterday

Justin and I went to go see 21 Grams and while paying for the movie I realized I had yet to pay him back for the plane flight for Vegas. So, I pulled out my wallet and handed over $130 in cash from my billfold to pay for the flight out of my gambling winnings. Ha! What an odd moment. Also, Vegas pictures are online along with some pictures of x-mas in Boulder and ice block sledding.

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New Years in Vegas

It was a crazy 24-hour trip to Vegas and now I can say that I’ve been to a Las Vegas New Years celebration. The Strip was jam packed with people at the stroke of midnight and I watched the fireworks in front of Paris. After that we went through a bunch of different Casinos and basically hung out. Clubs were far too expensive to get into, but I think if I were to go again, I would make a reservation at one (would give you something specific to do). I slept for an hour between 9AM and 10AM, then went down to the casino (at MGM Grand) and won $140 at roulette (made $40 into $180). I think I was up to near $210 or so at one point, but we had to leave the hotel in any case so I cashed out at $180. Went over to the Venetian in our Mercedes ML 350 (a car that I’m not 100% sure how we managed to keep all night long — wasn’t even our car) and randomly ran into Jivesh and watched his horrible roulette and Big 6 strategy. After hanging out at the Venetian a bit longer, Justin and I tried to catch a cab to the airport and were greeted by huge taxi stand lines so we randomly found a shuttle that was heading there and barely made it on to the plane.

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