Flip, Flip, Flip!

Le nouveau Hotmail commenera aujourd’hui a 11h. Felicitations! This last week was awesome, mainly by the fact Ami was down from last Saturday to last night. My parents came up as well from Wednesday to Saturday, which meant I got the see them and visit a bunch of old family friends in the Bay Area as well as see some very cool houses up here. Ami and I did a bunch of things, like partying in SF with Andrea’s cousin, cooking a veggie Thanksgiving Dinner, saw the Fall Colors, hung out in downtown San Jose with a bunch of friends, and went to SFMOMA with my old college buddies. Looking at the pictures I took over the last week, it doesn’t seem like I have any of my family. That’s too bad.

We’ve started planning work on the next version of Hotmail and I’m doing brainstorming on what kind of cool features would be compelling to add. Hotmail at its core is a consumer service and needs to innovate in the consume space. It seems these days that web email providers (Yahoo and Hotmail primarily) follow the MS Outlook feature set; however, Outlook was never intended for consumers, it’s a business product. We need to innovate at Hotmail in order to keep members and create a compelling service that people would actually want to buy. What kind of features could make Hotmail better? (this is a solicitation for comments)