SoCal Burns and Lakers Victorious

I was in Orange County this last weekend and most of Southern CA was burning around me. Luckily, nobody I knew lost property nor did anything bad happen. My friend Jacquie had to evacuate her parents house, and the folks at Cather left voluntarily, but everybody returned home without problems. Apparently, the air quality is horrible right now, making it hard to breathe and see. The sky is orange and all SD area schools (K-12 and the Universities) have been closed since Monday.

In lighter news, the Lakers won their season opener last night. I was actually impressed with the play of Malone and Payton, both nearly getting a triple double. The play was unselfish and fairly well executed (at least compared to the Mavs). When Kobe is back in his 8 jersey, the Lakers will really be the team to beat.