Recruiting in SD!

I spent last weekend in San Diego. Man, I miss that place. It’s pretty badass. More so due to the fact I know what to do there, what places to go and the local scene. I was down on a recruting trip for Microsoft and got to meet a lot of interesting people, some really smart (able to answer “design a thread-safe free and malloc operation” on Library Walk) and others not so smart (to why are you a CS major, “cause the money is good”). Thursday and Friday I worked in the Microsoft field office in SD in one of their “virtual offices” that was a cube (with a window view) with a phone, power and Ethernet. Thursday night, Justin, Dan, Austin, Joe and I went to Bar Dynamite in Downtown/Little Italy. That place rocked. It played the phattest hip-hop I’ve ever heard in a bar. It was a haven for those who don’t enjoy commercial hip-hop. Friday, Ami and I had dinner at Café Japengo, a swank Asian fusion place near the Hyatt Regency in La Jolla. They have an excellent baby greens salad. Sunday had lunch my parents in Laguna Hills and came back to SD and watched on of the most depressing/amazing films I’ve seen in a while: Grave of the Fireflies (Hotaru no haka). It’s the story of a young boy (Seita) and his sister (Setsuko) who loose their home during a raid in Japan during World War II. It’s an anime film make in the late 1980s that’s very moving and depressing. I encourage you to watch it. Here’s a good fan site that has the entire script. Sunday I went to Chalk La Strada in Little Italy where local artists make chalk murals on the streets of Little Italy. Another awesome San Diego event. I’ll have pictures up later.