This Week on “In San Diego…”

Went down to Southern California this weekend (again) to go help my sister move in to her new apartment and to attend Jacquie and Howie’s wedding. After a near disaster at work on Friday, I missed my flight to San Diego and luckily was able to catch the next one on standby. Ami picked me up and we went back to Cather were the house was throwing a party (pictures). Turned out to be quite a good time, hung out with the usual crowd plus a bunch. Our (well, not really mine any more) neighbor, Sam (the pot smoking “gansta rap produca”) was over and decided to spend a good hour talking to me about mostly nothing and being generally odd.

The next morning everybody went to lunch/breakfast at Pipes in Cardiff. The food wasn’t the greatest, but man, for $4.00 they pack the grub on. Best sign at the place was “No shirt, no shoes, no problem.”  After lunch I dropped Ami off at “Singing Hills”, Sycuan’s (the casino) country club and then proceeded to loose $20 in black jack. Went back to Cather and chilled with the guys.

On Sunday, I headed over to the new ERC housing at UCSD, which I can say is quite phat, and helped my sister move in to her swank new apartment (pictures). My parents and sis had lunch then I headed back to East County for the wedding (pictures), which turned out to be a good time. Ninad and I had a blast trying to figure out this whole Ba’hai religion, how many girlfriends one of his co-workers had, and desperatly trying to understand why we were sober.