Converting a Mac iPod to Windows

Yesterday I changed the format on my iPod from Mac HFS+ to Windows FAT32 so I wouldn’t have to use any compatibility software any more. Here were my steps:

  1. Install MacDrive Trial
  2. Make sure you can see hidden and system files
  3. Make a backup of the iPod using the Windows backup program (right click on the iPod in Explorer, go to properties, then Tools tab, click on backup). Make sure you place the backup file in a place you can remember.
  4. Download Apple’s iPod Windows tool and choose to “Restore” your iPod. This will delete everything on the iPod and make it a Windows FAT32 disk
  5. Double click on the backup file that you made, and click on the “Restore and manage media” tab of the backup program
  6. Expand the drive and then open the iPod_Control folder
  7. Select the Music and iTunes folder to restore and click start restore
  8. Once the restore is finished, reboot your iPod
  9. That’s it! Your iPod will now be a regular Windows disk with all your old music.

I recommend using EphPod to manage your iPod on Windows, it’s free!