This has been on very interesting weekend. It started on Friday night with a reception at the Chancellor’s house that I attened as a guest of Ami for the Student Foundation. It was, quite literally, a gathering of the who’s-who of San Diego. I met Irwin Jacobs (founder/CEO of Qualcomm), Chancellor Robert Dynes, the new dean of the School of Pharmacy and the new dean for the new School of Management, Duane Roth (CEO of Alliance Pharmaceutical) and some other people who I can’t even remember. It was pretty funny when I met Irwin Jacobs: he had just entered the room, and I pretty much acosted him as soon as I noticed who he was. He must have been pretty flumoxed since I caught him off guard, but he was a nice man.

After that good time, the Lakers came back for an amazing victory against Dallas. Amazing. Then a couple of friends and I went downtown to Martini Ranch to kick back and go dancing. Pretty much a whirlwind day, which was followed the next day by hours and hours of homework and projects.

More recently I’ve been working porting Portable.NET (part of the DotGNU project) to the mingw platform. More on that once I get somewhere with it.