I just got back from a very intense last two days in the
Bay Area. I left San Diego on Wednesday at 6pm to fly to San Jose, and
arrived and checked into my hotel. After calling my friend in Berkeley,
I for some reason thought I was too tired to do anything and told him
we’d hang out the next night. So, I took a nap and felt a lot better
and called my friend at Stanford
and decided to go visit him. That was dope and all, the dorms at Stanford
are amazing. I left Palo Alto and got back to my hotel around 2am and
slept till about 10am. I got ready, ate and then went for my interview
at Microsoft. Man, was that grueling. Five interviews in 4 hours. After
that, I went back to my hotel, and then drove up to Berkeley and met
my friend who goes there. That was lots of fun, and it was dope to see
him. I came back to the hotel again at 2am and had to wake up at 4:30am!
My flight was at 8:10 out of San Jose airport, and well with the whole
security deal I had to show up way early. That was brutality. Anyway,
I’m back in San Diego now and waiting to hear if I get an offer.