Well, it’s been quite a time since I’ve updated the hizouse
about what’s been going on. I’m living in a new place in University
City, which is quite out of control. We’ve got a pool, spa, outdoor
speakers, outdoor shower, 5 bedrooms, etc, etc. It’s really nice. Life’s
going really well right now, so I can’t be complaining, except our internet
access. Apparently, RoadRunner doesn’t
allow any static IPs and only via DHCP, so we’re changing over to Earthlink
. Hopefully that’ll be better. My web-setup is pretty interesting
right now. At the front of the internet connection is a Win2k Advanced
Server, running Apache. The front
end server provides firewalling, and Apache provides proxying for my
web server which sits on the inside of the firewall. All connections
are proxied through the Apache server. The web server is another Win2K
AS box, running IIS. It in turn grabs the files it serves from a Win2K
Pro box that is on the intranet. Pretty nifty. Apache’s mod_proxy
works really well; I’m really impressed by it.